Mundell for Corporation Commission

Stop Corruption - Lower Rates - Go Solar

Bill Mundell pledges to restore integrity to the Arizona Corporation Commission when he returns to what is called the fourth branch of Arizona government. Bill Mundell is running as a Clean Elections candidate.

Bill Mundell wants to return to the Commission to:

  • Lower utility rates
  • Stop the corruption at the Commission
  • Create more solar and renewable energy in Arizona, especially roof top solar

Bill Mundell sounded the alarm about the corruption at the Corporation Commission in 2016, when he warned that APS was funding independent expenditures to elect commissioners who would give APS unjustified rate increases and demand charges and would crush rooftop solar in Arizona. APS/Pinnacle West then spent over $10 million to defeat him, but Bill's warnings were correct.

Elect Bill Mundell so he can return to the Commission and help Commissioner Sandra Kennedy.

Bill Mundell is familiar with the processes and workings of the Corporation Commission, and can work swiftly and efficiently to reverse corrupt Commission decisions, stating, "I know where to look and what to do about it."
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Vote for Bill Mundell Corporation Commission in Arizona - 2020

Bill Mundell

Corporation Commission